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    2017, November

    Holiday Pre-Orders!
    Holiday Pre-Orders!

    We are excited to be offering some incredible holiday meats for you - and if you pre-order, we'll have whatever you need packaged, thawed if necessary, and ready to go for you in advance of Christmas. You tell us when you'll be in to pick up your turkey, ham, prime rib, or more (or all of them!) and we'll have it waiting. Here's a sampling of what we have available:


    • Norbest Fresh Turkey: fresh, never frozen turkey sourced from Yoder meats, available in approximately 12 or 19 pound siz...
    Weekly Special – Thanksgiving Appetizers
    0 Weekly Special – Thanksgiving Appetizers

    From Chef Eli:

    We have some great shellfish in this week for some simple hors d’oeuvres that are sure to impress your guests this Thanksgiving. I brought in some Mirada Bay oysters; these west coast oysters are from Washington. These oysters have a medium brininess and lightly sweet finish, that makes them great to eat on the half shell or broil with some bread crumbs and Parmesan.
    I also have made some shrimp cocktail with larger shrimp than we normally carry. They are ready to serve and a...
    It's time to ship!
    0 It's time to ship!

    We are so glad to have you here at our new website. One of the very first questions we got after opening last June was, "Can I ship some steaks to a buddy?" Since then, we've had more customers ask us if shipping is an option, either for friends out of the area that want our products, or for our home-town customers right here to ship gifts to friends and family.

    So, the answer is now yes! We are starting with some of our most popular items - namely our Braveheart Beef, Allegiance Pork, and Am...

    Bacon Wrapped Monkfish - from Chef Eli
    0 Bacon Wrapped Monkfish - from Chef Eli

    A relatively unknown fish to many midwesterners, Monkfish tastes so close to lobster it has often been called ‘a poor man’s lobster’. The sweetness of this fish means it goes great with smokey and salty pork products. Last time we had this fish I put together a recipe to bacon wrap the filets. It had been a few years since I had cooked this dish, and taste wise I was incredibly happy with the results. 

    Enjoy your cooking,
    Chef Eli

    Bacon-Wrapped Monkfish

    Serves: Two
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Cook Ti...