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    2018, March

    Ahi Tuna Poke
    0 Ahi Tuna Poke

    This week we have sourced a shipment of sushi grade ahi tuna. This tuna is very fresh and always goes particularly fast whenever we offer it, so we encourage you to come in soon if you intend to get some. Ahi lends itself best to raw or barely cooked presentations. This week I have featured a dish that has been increasingly popular the past few years, poke.

    Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that has undergone a great deal of innovation and changes in its preparation as it has spread across th...

    Grilled Branzini with Lemon and Paprika
    0 Grilled Branzini with Lemon and Paprika

    As we continue through our tour of Catholic cuisine, we are pleased to have a shipment of branzino. A small European bass with a mild white flesh, branzino is prized throughout the Mediterranean and is of particular importance in the cookery of Italy, Spain and Greece. In all these countries the fish is typically prepared in similar manners: either grilled or roasted whole and dressed with fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon. I have decided to feature a Spanish learning approach, though with the ex...

    Easter Pre-Orders Available!
    0 Easter Pre-Orders Available!

    Take one more thing off your Easter to-do list by pre-ordering your Easter dinner meat or any of our other products and we will have it pre-packaged and ready to go for you! $25 is due upon placing your order with the remainder charged at the time of pickup.

    Call the Market at 785.712.2888 to make your order now and guarantee your Easter meal is amazing!


    • Braveheart bone-in prime rib roast: wet aged bone-in ribeye roast, cut to your specification in 3-16 pound sizes
    • Braveheart boneless...
    Blackened Snapper with Dirty Rice
    0 Blackened Snapper with Dirty Rice

    This week we have been able to source a shipment of American red snapper. A mild and moist fish with a large white flake, red snapper is among the most prized fish in the gulf. For this week's recipe I have suggested keeping true to this fish's origin with a Cajun dish well known the world over: blackened snapper. New Orleans’ cuisine is a rich combination of Spanish, French and African influences that have been married over the centuries to create on of the most impressive food cultures in the ...

    Rockfish a la Meuniere
    0 Rockfish a la Meuniere

    This week we have a shipment of rockfish from the Chesapeake Bay. Also known as striped bass, rockfish is one of the most prized fish from the eastern seaboard. The fish has mild to medium flavor, and a large white flake. Rockfish is a versatile fish that takes well to most cooking methods, though its flakey needs makes it better suited the pan or oven than to grilling.

    As we continue our Lenten journey through cuisines with a strong Catholic it is time for a stop off in a country with a revere...