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    2018, May

    A Pledge of Superiority
    0 A Pledge of Superiority

    With unsurpassed taste and tenderness, the Manhattan Meat Market, your locally owned butcher shop, is a proud provider of Allegiance premium pork.  Allegiance pork is the highest level of fresh pork available in the United States and comes from the top 20 percent of hogs available in the U.S., raised from a southern Nebraska family farm and a single-source packer.  Allegiance Premium Pork is 100% all-natural, with each hog being raised on local farmer-grown corn diets which contribute to beautif...

    What you want. How you want it. Only better than you expected.
    0 What you want. How you want it. Only better than you expected.

    That was the dream of the founders of the Manhattan Meat Market. In June 2017, five friends opened the doors to this friendly, specialty butcher shop. It’s the kind of shop you can walk into and tell the butcher to cut an extra thick ribeye or ask for some help in how to prepare a special treat for friends and family.

    Most of all, Manhattan Meat Market is about premium meat products with a story. High quality food that comes from the heartland – most of it local, some of really, really local.