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    Burger Spotlight - BLT Burger

    Burger Spotlight - BLT Burger

    Pairing bacon with a burger is far from a novel idea, but when it comes to food I’ve been known to be a fan of excess. We’ve taken the classic combination a step further with by grinding bacon into filet trim to create a burger patty for a king. In this recipe I suggest continuing the idea of more is better by turning these patties into an outright BLT burger.

    For this recipe, I definitely recommend using an heirloom tomato. I picked up some Cherokee purples at Westside Market this weekend and their rich meaty flavor and robust size were perfect for this recipe. I cut them almost a half inch thick. In this recipe tomato takes center stage and isn’t intended as a mere afterthought as so often is the role of a tomato on a burger.

    You can cook your bacon on the grill along side your burgers. However, a pan is essential to avoid grease fires. I simply put my cast iron skillet over medium heat coals and cooked it as I normally would.

    In the end, this burger eats just like a BLT, with the addition of ground filet mignon- an idea we can all get behind! 

    BLT Burgers

     4 Filet mignon and bacon burger patties from the Manhattan Meat Market

    12 Slices Bowser’s smoked bacon, about three quarters of a pound (also at the market)

    4 Large burger buns

    1 large heirloom tomato

    Green leaf lettuce


    Start grill on medium heat, or allow coals to burn down until a medium hot bed of coals forms. Place cast iron skillet over coals and allow to heat thoroughly. Start bacon in the pan and cook as usual. Start burgers around the hottest part of the grill, but not directly over the hottest coals. If they begin to flair up move them slightly to the side onto more indirect heat. Cook burgers to desired temperature. Build burgers as you would a BLT, with a large slice of heirloom tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and several slices of bacon.

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